Attiny13a SMD production programming without programming jumper? Possible


I'm struggling to find a decent way to program a production run of some boards. The boards are going to be about 2cm by 3cm ovals with a surface mount SOIC 8 pin Atmel attiny13a microcontroller. The board is too small to have jumpers and jumpers are too expensive anyway.

This is a small production run of about 1000, but will lead to a greater production run.

What is the cheapest/easiest way to program these without adding any physical components to my board besides copper traces/pads?

If there is no easy way, how much extra would it cost to buy my attiny13a microcontrollers preprogrammed? And where could I buy them like this?


Best Answer

You likely want something like a Tag-Connect:


They're available in 6 and 10 pin versions, with and without the plastic retaining clips. You can find them at places like Digikey. They are not cheap ($35), but you'd only need to buy a couple to program a ton of boards.

As a side note: I think when you say "jumpers" you really mean "headers". Headers are the pins, jumpers are usually blocks that short pairs of those pins.