Cable for transmitting 4MHz 3V3 signal


I am building a device on breadboard where there are 2 ICs: a microcontroller and some auxillary IC, they should communicate via SPI with a 4 MHz clock. Because I don't have enough place on my breadboard, I plan using two breadboards, microcontroller on one and other IC on other. The question is, can I transmit 4MHz 3V3 signal over a jumpre wire, just like on the photo:

enter image description here

Will the signal be deteriorated? Where I can find some rule-of-thumb info about cables and their band-pass frequencies?

Best Answer

As Majenko pointed out, don't worry. there is no problems for 4Mhz 3v3. I myself working with 6Mhz SPI. it depends on your speed and the length of your wires.

longer wire = slower speed and vice versa