Can ESP32 be used in a commercial application


I am currently choosing a processor for my embedded robotics project. I have just completed a prototype with the ESP32 DEVKIT-V1 module.

I hope to commercialize my product in the future, however, when looking at professional boards, I mainly see STM32s being used and no ESP32s.

Why is this the case, even though ESP32 has better performance (clock speed, RAM, flash size, etc.) than most STM32s?

Best Answer

The ESP32 is a viable commercially made product and is widely used both by experimenters and in production of commercially made products.

The ESP32 has quite a bit more functionality (i.e. BT and WiFi) than the bare STM32 but many variations of the STM32 may be less expensive. The STM32 also usually has more internal peripherals.

The two are both microcontrollers and therefore have many similarities but they are neither the same nor interchangeable.

If I had designed a product prototype using the ESP32 I would not have any reservations on using it in production provided its cost and availability met the requirements needed there.

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