Connecting diodes to a motor in H-bridge

dc motordiodesh-bridgetransistors

I'm attempting to design a three wheeled toy that is controlled by a remote connected with it via a cable. I first designed it with relays, however I had to change to transistors due to contrast between low power required by the toy itself and a high power demand of relays.
I know that if there are vulnerable components in the circuit with a coil such as a motor, you should connect a diode in parallel with the coil in the reverse bias direction.

Here's a problem, in my H-bridge, current will flow both ways through the motors and I'm confused as to how to connect diodes to my motors to protect the transistors.


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

Also, if you have any idea how the design could be improved further, I'm all open for criticism.
Note that on the schematic there are no specifications of the devices as these are liable to change with the choice of components available.

Best Answer

The diodes aren't protecting the motor; they are protecting the transistors. So put them across the transistors. The current-both-ways problem isn't present at the transistors.