Electrical – Altium net has only one pin in hierarchical design despite port connection


I am working on a multi channel hierarchical design in Altium 19 and getting an error 'net has only one pin' for all signals contained in buses routed between two sheets.

Below is my top level schematic. I've circled the bus SENSE as an example to trace.

enter image description here

In the MCU sheet below, I connect the SENSE[1..17] port to a bus with label 'SENSE[1..17]', then break out individual signals in the bus to pins on the MCU.

enter image description here

In the Switches sheet, I have duplicated sheets for two different types of switches, and I group their SENSE nets together into one large bus going to a port as shown below.
enter image description here

I've seen it suggested in other posts that net identifier scope set to 'global' will fix the issue, however I don't see why the error is occurring at all since I've followed the rules and used ports to make connections between sheets.

Below are the errors, for reference:

enter image description here

Best Answer

You did repeet the scheets but not the sheet entries.

Repeat(COUT, 1,5) By this you have the components from this sheet five times. when you name the Sheet entry SENSE the SENSE port of all fife scheets are connected to the identical net. (sometimes this is intended)

Leave the port name of the sub sheet named SENSE but on the sheet symbol with the repeat statement you need the call it repeat(SENSE) you need to name the net between the repeated sheet port and the bus with a net label called SENSE

See Altium Doku and this Picture in chapter "Creating a Multi-Channel Design" Bus "Headphone[1,8]"