Electrical – ambiguous component values (ex. U01 U47 M47 etc.)

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i'm having a hard time understanding components value when it's given in the following formate

sometimes it's even worse like 4N7

i know that U for micro, M for mega, N for nano but i just can't seem to find a straight forward way to calculate it plus i've found conflicting answers so i thought it would be better to ask and know it correctly once and for all

Best Answer

Capitalization is important.

  • U01 could mean 10 n and so could u01 as well as 0u01
  • U47 = u47 = 0u47 = 470 n
  • M47 probably means 470 k but m47 could mean 470 u because m = milli and M = mega

Basically the "alpha" character replaces the decimal point such that 10k1 = 10.1 k

This might help: -

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