Electrical – digital control of voltage step up to 100W LED

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I am trying to control the voltage going to a 100W high CRI LED, which requires 3A in and a voltage between 20 and 40 V. Normally, a 12V power source could be used with a voltage step up board to current limit at 3A and use a potentiometer to have manual analog control over the voltage going to the LED, and thus the brightness.

I would like to have digital control over the voltage on the voltage step up board, eg via arduino. A digital potentiometer wouldn't be able to handle the 3A post step up; it would have an higher current pre step up.

What solutions are there for digital control of the range of voltage out from a booster board?

Best Answer

There are high-power LED driver power supply boards that provide for a PWM (or similar) control input. Trying to kludge an external input will very possibly burn up your supply, your LED, or both. Until you understand a lot more about high-power LED supplies, recommend against trying to hack them. Get a controllable power supply board and get on with your project.