Electrical – Distribution of Current in Kirchoff’s Junction Law

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I know that Kirchoff's law says that the incoming current is equal to outgoing current.

But I want to understand his: suppose we have 4 wires like the one in diagram.

enter image description here

So let us consider current i1, comes to the junction and gets split into three direction towards i2, i3, i4 and similar is the case with current i2 but then why we imagine only the current i3 and i4 as outgoing current whereas current is also going to i1 and i2.

May be I am missing something but I am stuck on this problem for very long.

Best Answer

It's just an example. You may imagine a different case or example if you want.

Any of those current may be inflowing or outflowing, as long as total current inflowing equals total current outflowing.

Also, currents inflow or outflow depending of the conditions in other nodes. If there is a negative voltage difference with respect to another node and an impedance low enough (i.e., finite) to it, then there will be an inflow of current.