Electrical – Does the quartz crystal in the standard clock vibrate the same frequency as the sweep motion one?


In the standard quartz clocks/watches,the quartz crystal vibrates 32768 times
per seconds(32768HZ),while this frequency is divided by an electronic counter(15 bit binary digital counter)to derive one second pulse,which drives a step-motor.
Most of the quartz clocks have a second hand which ticks once per seconds,due to the explain above,but there are,also,quartz clocks which their second hand ticks several times per seconds and they called"quartz sweep clock movements".
Do on those quartz sweep clocks,the quartz crystal vibrates at the same frequency(32768 HZ)as the standard ones?while the counter is,actually,just divided the 32768 frequency to a request frequency value?I mean,if the second hand ticks 4 time per second,Does it,actually,use a 13 bit binary digital counter,which produced 4Hz?


Best Answer

32768 Hz crystals are readily available. If you want a 131072 Hz crystal, many crystal manufacturers will be happy to sell you a tailor made one, but at a price. A different divider ratio will cost you nothing.