Electrical – First order filter cut off frequency

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Hi, I have been asked to estimate the half-power cutoff frequency of a first order filter that gave this response to a step input.

The problem I am having is I have only ever been given examples with the response in frequency , with db/frequency, here it is volts/sec which has completely stumped me. How can I convert this to a frequency response to allow me to determine the cutoff frequency?

Best Answer

At about 63% of the full peak value, the time = RC (if it were an RC filter): -

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This is because: -

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And when Tau = t the answer is 0.6321

Half-power frequency: -

enter image description here

That to me looks like it's happening at about 0.8 micro seconds and so,

F = 1000000/(2xPix0.8) = 199 kHz