Electrical – How to i make a easy op amp circuit


I wanna make a easy 2~5watts speaker.
– use op amp (don't use audio amp)

here's circuit i made. enter image description here
and i can't solve the error…

how can i make a easier one? I really need your help!

Best Answer

Distortion is determined by output current and crossover glitch.

Understand the differences between your circuit and this one. You may reduce supply voltage and use your TIPxx on outputs and bias input to single supply to V+/2 with more caps or use split supply.

enter image description here Here I have added pointers to DC bias , internal compensation 1st order filter (integrator) for stability in closed loop gain like Op Amp with R ratios. The output Vbe drops on 3 transistors is compensated by 2 diodes and a controlled current on 2.2K to eliminate crossover . The 2 NPN's only amplify the positive wave, while the PNP amplifies the -ve wave, with the bottom right 2N3055 to make a better PNP Darlington.

enter image description here

this next one has less performance but simpler and values are critical. enter image description here

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