Electrical – How to identify pinout of 7 segment display when data for it is not available online


I found some 1-character 7-segment LED display in my toolbox with unusual pinouts. There is one however I can't seem to figure out and I even googled the part number with no results.

The part number printed on the side of it is "MAN4840A350G82", and my camera was good enough for me to show you pictures of how the pins are arranged on each side of the display. There are no other labels.

If I can't find the pinout on google, should I just assume some generic pinout?

I want to be able to use this display in a schematic created with eagle (yes I'm using version 4.17) but I don't want to pick the wrong LED display.

How do I identify what each pin represents on this display?

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

Best Answer

A diode tester or a coin cell battery or a bigger battery with an appropriate resistor (1k or so). Map out every pin combination by hand. Since it's not a multiplexed display, it should be one cathode or anode to multiple of the other.