Electrical – How to set fixed bias on transistor 2N2222 for certain specifications


I'd like to ask how to set fixed bias for this transistor.. It doesn't seem to be working. If anyone know how to calculate it, please tell me.

I wanna adjust two resistor values so that Uce = 5,44V, Ube = 0,655V, Ucc = 12V and Ic (collector current) has to be 2,43 mA.

I tried R2 = (12 – 5,44) / 0,00243 = 2,7kOhm.

But in the second part where I wanna find R1, I don't know Ib (base current). Or can I find it out? I tried looking for BETA, but didn't find anything.

I tried editing Beta in Multisim but I couldn't click Edit Model because it was unclickable.

R1 = (12 – 0,655) / Ib

Any ideas? If yes, please add calculations if you did some and explanation. Thanks forwardly for every sensible comment!

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Best Answer

Problem has been solved, I found Beta(min) and Beta(max) and somehow tried to find the Beta so the values could match with all the pre-defined values. I was experimenting a bit but it took a time.