Electrical – identify a 128×64 LCD display


I am trying to identify an LCD display to get its datasheet. It will help to understand the assembly code of a PIC18F that uses it.

enter image description here

enter image description here

What I know of the display:

  • the display is part of the K8101 USB message display kit from Velleman
  • 128×64 pixels oldschool grey lcd with white led backlight
  • the only visible mark is a "A WR60542801 K" that gives no result
  • the display had no pcb (so it is a Chip-on-glass kind?) but a 30 pins connector that I soldered in the underlying pcb (and of course, I did not thought about noting any useful reference from the lower side – if any)
  • the upper "display" pcb only helds 10 1µF ceramic capacitors and 1 1MΩ resistor and communicates with the lower pcb that hold the PIC (18F27J53) via a 18 pin connector. Seems to be in "8 parallel data lines" mode.
  • while searching for the 30 pin connector, I found it could be driven by a ST7565R controller found on some other lcd boards, but the controller seems to be able to address 132×65 dots so am unsure of that
  • the board diagram in the assembly manual does show a "ARROWTECH ATP12864WP67" name for the lcd, but searching for that name only retrieves… this assembly manual 🙁

I already dumped the PIC18 code, so having the display datasheet will help much.

Best Answer

It is probably made by Xiamen Arrow-tech. (Xiamen is in Fujian province, near Taiwan and attracted a lot of investment from island-based entities early on).

As is typical in the semi-custom LCD business their web page shows only a small fraction of their products, but you may be able to figure out the controller from the disassembled code and the variety of controllers shown on this page.