Electrical – IP simulation with Vivado


I have just used an IP in the IP catalog called Multiply accumulate. This IP is supposed to multiply 2 inputs and accumulate the result. I made a control module for it(mac_control) where I instantiate this IP (mac: entity work.MAC port map…) and then I made my test bench. Everything compiled as it should but when I go to the simulation, it doesn't output anything.

I noticed that the port map pins that I set forcefully (for example, ce => '1', rst => '1', etc) were not displayed in the simulation. I don't mean that they they were marked as undefined, I am saying that there was just the black background where the signal should be. So I created internal signals which were initiated with the expected values (signal int_ce : std_logic := '1') and then I linked the signal to the port maps. This made the signals appear on the vivado simulator, but still … no output.

Maybe I'm missing a library or something. Does anyonw know how to simulate the IP core?

I also tried using the '*' and '+' operators but vivado told me that 0 definitions were found for those operators. I'm almost certain that this means that a library is missing. But I can't same the same for the main problem

I noticed something else. When I open the sources it lloks something like this:

tb -> multiplier.vhd -> mac.xci -> mac.vhd (this one has a red flag) -> xbip_multaccum_v2_0

I guess there may be something wroong with the mac.vhd. A red flag doesn't strike me as a good thing (it's a little red square at the bottom levt part of the icon in Vivado)

I'm using Vivado's simulator.

Best Answer

I was using a module that was not supported by Vivado. Apparently the machine I was working on had an old ISE installation and the cores got mixed up. That's why some modules were impossible to simulate and others worked perfectly from the get go.

I think it should've worked, but maybe the licenses didn't match or the sources were unavailable for Vivado. I don't think it's a licensing problem because Vivado didn't throw any license errors (I forced a licensing error by simulating the AXI BFM and Vivado told me I didn't have the license)

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