Electrical – Is it possible to generate a list of all Net names in Altium Designer


If I have a schematics in Altium Designer and it is spread over 10 sheets then is it possible to generate a list of all net names that are used in it? How can I generate this list? I want to do this to double check if a certain Net name is miss-spelled at one or more places in any sheet.

Best Answer

You can generate a netlist report of the whole project via the menu option Design->Netlist for Project and then you can choose the netlist format that us wish the report to come in. The options for the netlist formats will be dependant on which netlist generators you have installed. The report you generate you should be able to search the nets you are looking for or print out and review as you like ! You could also use the Navigate Plane under the "Net/Bus" and also search for the net you are looking for - the benefit here is that when you click on the net it will zoom into the location of the net on the schematic