Electrical – Is this the full-bridge DC-DC converter topology? What’s the benefits of iso/non-iso topology

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I found a power circuit in an schematics, which looks like a full-bridge topology.
Anyone familiar with such design?
I check the websites, but didn't see the same implementation.
The pink blocks are controllers and drivers, but I can't find its datasheet also…

BTW, I have another question.
What the benefit of isolation topology over non-isolated one?
Suppose I just want to provide core for CPU on motherboard, the input is rather 12V, or 48V (server), which topology will be more suitable for my design?
I've seen that for 12V, non-isolated design will be implemented, while isolated solution be used for 48V case. Is the input power which matters?


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Best Answer

Another advantage of such isolation is protection of low voltage circuitry. Buck regulator can fail (some mosfet shorts) and in non-isolated topology you would pass 48V directly to low voltage side of your motherboard and fry every expensive chip. In isolated topology fried mosfet is not a problem, isolated part is safe.