Electrical – Liquid Tape for protecting exposed electronic components


I recently found the liquid tape LTB-400 made by Garnder Bender and was wondering if it's Ok to use it to cover IC chips for ESD protection? The circuit board is not placed in a housing, it's sold as a standalone unit.
I have used MG acrylic conformal coating before but was wondering if this will be an acceptable alternative method?

Few advantages of the liquid tape:
1-You can peel it off if you need to re-work or replace the onboard IC.
2-It has 1400v/mil dielectric protection. So a 10 mil layer adds up to 14k volts protection.
It looks like it's a neutral cure.
Any comments or suggestions is appreciated.

Thank you

enter image description here

Best Answer

Gardner-Bender is reachable by email, check with them - but the material is not designed to provide useful ESD characteristics and is certainly not UL listed for that.

What about the usual epoxies used for that sort of thing? It's certainly more durable, will also slow oxidation and vibration, and I can tell you the dielectric strength (resistivity) is impressive.