Electrical – Looking for advice how to correctly configure PWM dimming with Mean Well LDH-45A-1050 device


I am looking to use a Mean Well LDH-45A-1050 DC/DC LED driver with a an LED matrix but crucially to use PWM dimming. Already have perfectly working led with this driver, just looking now to figure out how to use the dimming function. Have tried with a couple PWM devices but either a no-go (no effect) or else dimming can only be gotten by wiring the dimmer direct to the dc input which I guess is only going to cause problems even though the result is fair (some flicker). Some of the dimmer units have an actual PWM output (in addition to direct output for led strip etc) but this does not work with the LDH unit.
This particular device is PWM and analogue dimable. See link:
Link to Mean Well LDH driver unit document
Mean Well themselves decline to comment or recommend any particular dimmer that is a known match for such a unit. Anyone here have any suggestions?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Best Answer

I assume you want to use a PWM controller.

There are 2 criteria the controller must meet.

  1. The signal voltage must be between 2v and 8v.
  2. The frequency of the the PWM single must be between 1Khz and 10Khz.

1 is easy to find.
2, many controller ads do not specify the frequency.

So I am guessing the "couple PWM devices" you tried had a PWM switching frequency below 1Khz or more likely above 10Khz. A quick look on eBay the ones I found that specified the frequency, it was above 10Khz (13Khz & 15Khz).