Electrical – Mosfet gate driving circuit by microcontroller


IRF540 will suitable for switching positive supply..?

"will It work under 5voltage to gate"?*

Best Answer

This question have been asked too many times , i will try to guide you to on what to search for :

  1. first point is logic level (aka drive by micro-controller 5v) this is a special type of mosfet that have a reasonable RDSon at 5v Vgs. you should look at this curve in the datasheet.

rds on IRF540

  1. Second point is switching posistive supply , this is another issue with N channel mosfet whether they are driven by 5v or 12v . this circuit is called HIGH side drive .

n channel

It poses a challenge since you need to create 5v or 12v on Vgs not with respect to ground which can means the gate to ground voltagge is higher than supply voltage .

Solutions for this problem

a-you either use a P-channel mosfet


b-use some kind of high side driver ( isolated /floating supply , transformer coupled drive, bootstrap , charge pump ) , there is literally thousands of articles on the internet regarding this subject and too many ICs and solutions.