Electrical – MOSFET getting over hot


enter image description hereI'm using an IRF540N power MOSFET in a 12V to 24V DC converter. But the MOSFET getting over heated when its connected to source. Before providing a gate pulse its getting very hot. I have attached the schematic here. And the load is a LED lamp of 15W. Battery capacity is 26Ah,12V battery.

MOSFET is driven from a PWM of 100KHz with the duty cycle of 0.7. But is hetting up more before connecting it to the gate pulse.

What might be the possible reasons? Please help me to improve the design.

Best Answer

mosfet could be partially turned on.Please make sure that gate terminal of mosfet is connected to ground.If you have an oscilloscope/multi meter connect the probes across gate and source of the mosfet and check whether any voltage is present or not. Also you can use 10K pull down resistor in the gate terminal of mosfet.