Electrical – MT3608 DC-DC converters in parallel with common output

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I'm thinking to use two DC-DC MT3608 converters in parallel with a single potentiometer.

enter image description here

Has anyone experience with these converters?, Any advice?.


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Has anyone experience with these converters?, Any advice?

The MT3608 that naturally produces a few milli volts (or several tens of mV) greater output voltage compared to the other one will win the "diode battle" and supply circa 90% of the load current.

But it gets a little worse. The diode supplying most of the load current will warm up more than the other and its forward voltage will drop hence, the "circa 90%" figure might become circa 95%: -

enter image description here

Picture from here.

Is this what you want?

By the way, you drew you circuit incorrectly. It should be like this: -

enter image description here