Electrical – Multimeter reading double voltage


Using a multimeter and set it on 200V DC – that's the lowest on this meter.

Tested a 1.5V and it reads 2.8

Tested a 3V and it reads 6.

Just replaced the battery.

The meter is ETEKCITY.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

enter image description here

Figure 1. A comparison with an analogue meter. 1.5 volt will barely move the pointer and any reading will have little precision.

A 200 V meter is not a suitable instrument for measuring a 1.5 V cell. The resolution isn't available at the accuracy you require. Digital meters have specifications for error typically as a percentage of full scale ± a couple of digits of the display. That's what you're seeing.

I've never seen a "multimeter" that had a minimum V DC range of 200 V. For low voltage measurement you'll need a more versatile meter.