Electrical – NPN inverter alternative that takes up less space on the board


Here I have an NPN inverter circuit which consist of 2 separate NPN transistors and 3 resistors. It does the job, but it takes too much space on the board. Is there any alternative to this circuit that take less space? Can I use something like this https://eu.mouser.com/datasheet/2/348/vt6x12-1535580.pdf ? Is this the best alternative I can find or there's a better option?

NPN inverter

Use case:
This circuit is controlled by MCU through the base pin. The logic level voltage of the MCU is 3.3V. The use case here is it to trigger pairing mode on the BT chip using it's supply (1.8V) as the logic level on the BT module should not exceed 1.8V

Best Answer

If you are trying to translate a signal from 3.3 or 5V to 1.8V there are better ways. For example, for (up to) 3.6V to 1.8V, single channel, you could use a 74AUP1T34. About 1mm x 1mm in the smallest package.