Electrical – Question regarding Voltage-controlled resistors in PSPICE


I am quite new to PSPICE, and I am using Capture to design my circuit. To explain what I am trying to do, I have two circuits that I want to connect via a voltage in the following manner:

In circuit 1 I have a certain voltage, let us call it V1.

In circuit 2 I have a resistor (R1), with a value that I want to be dependent on V1. So that basically, R1 = f(V1), where f is a function. The function, f, is not necessarily linear.

Is there any easy way to do this in SPICE/PSPICE?

Best Answer

Yep, there is a way to do this in pspice:

enter image description here

Or this way:

ERES   1  3  VALUE = { I(VSENSE)*10K }
VSENSE 3  2  DC 0

Sources: E circuit center

Just a side note, this and other functions are accomplished much easier in LT spice, the package is free and I believe the solver is better and it's easier to use and accomplish special functions like this