Electrical reason for the minimum altitude (-50 feet) in the computer specs


Are if there any electrical reasons not to operate or store my Dell OptiPlex computers below the altitude of -50 feet, as written in the specifications?

Screenshot of the original Dell OptiPlex specifications I saw:

Part of the original specification with altitude limits

Best Answer

From DTB Environmental Chamber Testing

Altitude Testing. Our testing facilities simulate altitudes from below sea level (-2,000 ft), to a high altitude of 100,000 ft.

From Dell™ Inspiron™ 6400/E1505 Owner’s Manual

enter image description here

From Dell PowerVault MD3260/3260i/3660i/3660f/3060e Storage Arrays - Getting Started Guide

enter image description here

The Google search of site:downloads.dell.com/manuals altitude 15.2 gives 1,340 hits. Pure Opinion - Would you believe -50ft to 10,000ft is the limits of their testing facility!

As demonstrated by the DTB Environmental Chamber Testing link, testing facilities can simulate any environment with vacuum pumps. There is nothing unique with -50ft (-15.2m) from a location in the world perspective!

Death Valley is 86 meters below sea level. Odds are Dell products will work there.

If they list -50ft to 10,000ft, then that must be the limits of their testing facility.