Electrical – Reverse 4017 function


First of all sorry for being noob in circuit.
Here's my problem, I want to have a circuit that will check all lines if it is on or off state. I want to use the same logic of 4017. Rather than providing current to the load in receive current from the line so that I can check if a certain load in open or close.

Here is a typical use of 4017
enter image description here

But I want it to receive rather than to send, here is my a picture I want to do (sorry for the poor editing of the picture, I don't have any circuit simulator in the computer I use)
enter image description here
The I1, I2 and I3 are the pins that receive the current if the load is open then the O pin will be the output pin.
So my question is is there an IC with this kind of function or behavior. Thank you.

Sorry for the poor explanation, circuits is not my forte.
The IC will act like the 4017 IC but rather than giving output from the IC it get input from the line or load to know if the line or load is being used or it is in on state. And the output pin will simply be the pin that gives that output, it will gives a on/off state output.

Best Answer

Normally V+ then LED with Rs per LED to detect current (with pull down actiing as Curent shunt) and protecting floating input

Buff is part of parallel input register which may do what you want.

Output can be serial like Johnson counter. Switch can be on either side. Register needs Latch input and N clock pulses so this is a sampled input. (not shown)

This with 9V -3V (LED)=6V ="1" and open LED =0V="0"


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