Electrical – suggestion for step selector circuit

switchestoggle switch

I want to run 3 different relays with one momentary push button, with each pressing and releasing of the push button it should activate sequentially Relay 1, Relay 2, Relay3 and after that goes OFF.
I want to do it with only one push button and three different relay not 3 push button.

for example when I push and release the momentary button, it activate relay 1 and it stays ON until I push the button another time, then it activates Relay 2 and deactivate relay 1 and relay 2 stays ON until another push of button, and when Relay 3 is get ON and I push the button, all the relays go OFF and with another push the cycle starts again from Relay 1… it is some kind of step selector for a single phase motor. what is the simplest way I can do it?

Best Answer

Professor Google provided direction on using XOR logic in a chain.

Relay "R0" is just used as a "Pulse" from the momentary push button.

Take your output from R1, R2, R3. . See if it is what you are looking for.


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab