Electrical – Weak and Cheap Linear Actuator?


I have a tiny tube that sprays lubricant but I need it to move between some holes in a line. The total distance is only 10 inches.

So imagine the holes like this:

[ o o o o o o o o o o ]

And I need to move the lubricant tube between them.

I think I need a linear actuator to move the tube, but it doesn't need to be strong at all (less than 1 lb of force) or very accurate. If it lubricates a little bit off center it doesn't matter.

My issue is that linear actuators are so expensive! I'm currently leaning towards building one with Knex or Lego Technic and a servo. But does anyone know of a cheap/weak/inaccurate hobby option for less than $30?

Best Answer

A hobby micro servo and a fabricated rack and pinion with a worm gear.

Or rip it out of a dead cdrom. Dime a dozen.

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