Electrical – Xr2206 sine wave oscillator

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If xr2206 is used to generate a sine wave does it have dc component? Based on my analysis it does not have.

Best Answer

I can design 2 circuits, both using an XR2206:

In circuit A there is no DC offset present at the sine wave output.

In circuit B there is a DC offset present at the sine wave output.

Note that in circuit A I have to use a symmetrical power supply, of for example +/- 5V.

Circuit B only uses a single 10 V supply.

Look at the test diagram in the datasheet, my circuit B would look like this:

enter image description here

Here a single supply is used so the output voltage cannot go below 0 V which means the "middle" of the sinewave must centered around a certain DC voltage.

So yes, if you also do not use a negative supply rail then there will be a DC offset on the Sinewave.