Electronic – 4/5 band resistor – extra black band


I have two resistors which need to be replaced. I tried to determine the value, but it can't make sense of these black bands:
Resistors in question
For reference the bands are:

  • brown – silver – green – brown – black
  • brown – silver – red – brown – black

Since a silver line can only be part of the multiplier, that means the black line on the right has to be the tolerance. Black can not be used for a tolerance from what I've read.

Is this black line a tolerance value or something else?

Best Answer

I don't think I've ever seen a resistor value with a leading zero (usually those super-low values are marked with the value in numerals), but that's what those appear to be. 0.012\$\Omega\$ 1% and 0.015\$\Omega\$ 1% are what I see (reading from right to left, as Olin suggests, but I think the silver is a multiplier and the brown is the tolerance).

Here's a 0.015\$\Omega\$ 1% resistor (courtesy Digikey):

enter image description here