Electronic – 555 to drive a MOSFET


I wish to drive a MOSFET using a 555. I dont have a driver handy, will it be fine to use a transistor instead?
So the output of a 555, could activate a transistor(as swtich), which allows a source to drive the FET?

Best Answer

The 555 output can Source or Sink 200 mA so unless you want to drive the mosfet in high frequencies it will be more than enough. A single transistor is probably going to drive the mosfet worse than the 555 itself

enter image description here

If you are need to use a driver between the mosfet and 555 then you are better off with a push-pull (totem pole) driver configuration that can sink/source current equally strong in order to turn on/off the mosfet quickly (again only if needed)

enter image description here

or even better with a dedicated mosfet driver like TC4426/27/28