Electronic – a suitable device for fast temperature process control

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Here is a ceramic heater catalog:
product sheet

These heaters can ramp up as fast as 150 degrees C per second. I am not entirely sure what I am searching for but let's look at my use case:

Say I want a set point of 160 degrees C with acceptable variance of +/-5 degrees C as measured by the internal (to the heater) thermocouple. The thermal load in this case is one gram of aluminum in very good thermal contact and a large heatsink of PTFE with poor to no thermal contact.

Do solutions exist for this type of fast temperature control? If so I would prefer to go with that solution but if not, I am open to suggestions for damping the system for use with a normal on-off process controller.

Best Answer

Yes, a process controller with 10Hz or better sample rate and analog out should be fine with this. Don't try to use the el cheapo ones.