Electronic – AC (230V, 50Hz) line detection using H11aa1

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I am new to Power Electronics, I am working on to AC line detection using H11AA1 IC. Schematic is as shown hereenter image description here.
With the following calculation, I figured out the resistor value R1=8K
R1= ( Vs - V_led)/(10mA) which is in my case R1=( 230 - 1.5)/(10mA) =22.8K;
So I added R1 20 K/1Watt but I could not achieve the result;
Has anyone work with H11AA1 IC for the similar purpose, Do I need to change R1 value??
DataSheet of H11AA1 here vishay.com/docs/83608/h11aa1.pdf

Best Answer

I did the same schematic with R1=330K 1/2w. and C1=10uF. The AC current is 0.737 mAAC.(got from amp meter). So, the power dissipation is 230 x 0.737 = 169.51 mW( approximately). That's ok with R1 1/2w.

If we don't have C1, this will be a zero crossing circuit. If we have C1, the voltage on pin5 is almost 0 when the AC line still alive and = Vcc when the AC line was gone.