Electronic – Accidentally used plumbing flux on a PCB; How to remove it to reuse the board


Two weeks ago, I picked the wrong tub of flux from my toolbox and used it for making a 9VAC -> 5VDC adapter. I fluxed all the components and soldered it down before realising I was using PLUMBING flux!

The solder pads are all still intact and I've tested the conductivity of the leads of all my parts; they are all intact.

So to summarize,

How should I remove the flux after desoldering in such a way that I can reuse the PCB?


I may have used small amounts on other repairs in the past (all of them my own personal projects, none for others). Will I have to worry too much about these?

The flux is labeled as "alpha metals" brand "soldering paste flux".

Best Answer

I clean my boards from flux with isopropyl alcohol and a paintbrush , I'm not sure what is different about plumbing flux that could prevent it from getting cleaned the same way.

If the flux is not mented all the way maybe a hot air gun will help get rid the majority of it (melted it can be wiped easily or drip away) and then just wipe the excess. Another idea is to try with water first in case the flux is water water-soluble and then use the isopropyl alcohol