Electronic – Advice Needed On Removing Stubborn Circuit


I'm new to soldering and I've done some research on what I need in terms of material and tools and what I need to do in terms of removing and replacing a circuit. The circuit I'm replacing is a Laptop (ASUS g53sw) power jack. This component has 5 connections onto the circuit board and while I've been able to remove a good bit of the existing solder with a wick and flux I'm finding this component is still stubbornly stuck to the board. I'm in need of some good advice on how to remove this as I want to avoid damaging the system. I've read a number of articles and watched some good videos but I still need some pointers as I don't doubt a professional could handle this.

Best Answer

Usually, there is one pin that is making it hard to remove. That is usually the ground pin, and it will be attached to the ground plane. The ground plane will try to suck away the heat as fast as you can apply it. This is where you need a high wattage iron, so you can get it hot quickly.

On a good day, you can remove the solder, then wiggle each pin until it breaks loose. Again, usually all except the one difficult one. Then you know which one to work on.

Failing all that, there is plan "B". Destroy the connector--crush it, for example--and once all the plastic is gone, each metal contact can be dealt with on its own, instead of having a 5-piece puzzle.