Electronic – ALT key in Eagle (Linux)


I am facing an annoying problem while using Eagle in Linux.
It is not possible to set the desired position of a component while ALT key is pressed. I hit the ALT key to active the alternate grid and then specify more precisely the correct position.
I also tried to move the component while ALT is pressed, then release the key and left-click to set the position, but then the component moves to the main grid automatically.

I know there is other ways to solve this tricky bug during component placement, but it would be easier using this shortcut. Does someone have already faced this bug?

(I am using Linux Mint with Cinnamon.)

Best Answer

EAGLE interferes with your operating system settings. I'm using OpenSuse with KDE5 Plasma, where ALT + mouseclick resizes or moves the window. EAGLE may notice the ALT key is pressed, but a click is intercepted by Linux.

Just try to remove the ALT + mouseclick key binding. As every linux differs a little, I can't tell you how exactly to do it. For me, it's in workspace settings / window behaviour.