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I salved a lot of ICs but this one I couldn't find (and is maybe interesting enough to be play with it, since I never used an FPGA).

It's from a semiconductor chip production machine (high likely) and the PCB was marked 'Rejected' (but hope most ICs work) and was in the electronics garbage bin. So I don't know exactly for what device it was meant for.

It seems to be an Altera EPC3TC32, but where can I find the datasheet? Altera.com forwards to Intel and there I cannot find it.

The package is QFP32.

enter image description here
enter image description here

Best Answer

The EPC devices are usually configuration devices (flash memory) not FPGAs. The Cyclone III FPGA part numbers would instead begin with EP3C (Cyclone III), and not EPC3.

You are correct there doesn't seem to be a matching part number. However I believe you may have misread the 3, and it is actually a 2.

That gives EPC2TC32, which is indeed an, albeit obsolete, Altera flash memory device. This is a 1.6Mbit Configuration Flash memory in a TQFP-32 package.

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