Electronic – Altium – Daisy-chaining repeated schematic sheets


Is there a more elegant way to do the following?

altium screenshot

Essentially I am trying to daisy-chain multiple "LED" devices, each with a data-in and data-out port. So do1 will be connected to di2, do2 -> di3… etc.

The way I have it works okay, but I'm wondering if there's a less manual way to connect them. Also, the way I did it gives "multiple names per net" errors. Is there a way you're supposed to connect signals from different buses without generating this error?



It seems like the bus joiner components in the FPGA_Generic library can do what I need, but they don't work with non-FPGA projects.

I can't find any functionality like this for non-FPGA projects.

Best Answer

I had a very similar problem. I found one simpler solution, maybe not entirely elegant, but it works.enter image description here