Electronic – Altium Error? What is this reddish box


I've been to a couple introductory Altium trainings and everything goes fine and dandy. This is the actual first board I am working on by myself. I've been learning so much just by doing stuff myself but there is something that I can't seem to quite understand.

Whenever I transfer my schematic to the PCB is is placed inside this reddish box, I believe it is a Room. All the examples I saw during training didn't do this. And if I move the components outside the box they turn green (DRC error maybe?)

Does anyone know what this means?


Best Answer

That is indeed called a "Room".

Rooms are relevant if you're doing multi-channel design, as they let you copy the layout between channels.

It's also completely normal.

If you want to disable it, it's very easy to do:

  • Click the room -> PCB Inspector panel -> uncheck "Rule Enabled" checkbox.
    enter image description here
  • "Design" menu -> "Rules" menu item -> In the tree: "Design Rules" -> "Placement" -> "Room Definition" -> uncheck all the "Enabled" checkboxes.
    enter image description here

Alternatively, you can just delete the room, but it will come back next time you synchronize the schematic to the PCB.