Electronic – Altium: How to flip/mirror components? X and Y don’t work


So this seem like a simple question, but I'm trying to flip components in the schematic editor. If I select a component then use the keyboard shortcut X or Y, it brings up a menu and does not slip the component as desired. Edit –> Move –> Flip… also does not work. Suggestions? Thanks

Edit: I should have mentioned that I would like to flip groups of components as well as net labels. With net labels the connection point is on the bottom left, but would like to have it on the bottom right such that I can connect it to wires aligned right.

Best Answer

You have to press X or Y key while you're holding the left-click mouse button pressed on the component and it will flip.

To be more explicit: Left-click on the component you want to flip, keep the mouse button pressed (like when you want to move a component with the mouse) and press X or Y key to flip.