Electronic – Altium Repeated Blocks with Shared Ports


I'm designing a PCB in Altium that contains three of the same motor driver IC's (L6470H) which all communicate via SPI bus. As you can see below, I have repeated blocks to avoid redoing the same schematic.

enter image description here

The problem I'm having is related to merging the ports of every block so that they connect to the a single MOSI and MISO pin on my microcontroller. What I am currently doing is taking the SPI bus from every block and creating a bus which will be terminated elsewhere in my hierarchical design.

In my higher level schematic below, I attempted combined buses by simply terminating a MOSI bus into a single MOSI wire thats connected to my STM microcontroller. Although the schematics do compile, my PCB layout is missing a rats nest between all the SPI pins for the motor drivers and microcontoller. As a result, I dont think my method is correct and could really use some advice!

How do you short pins between repeated blocks?

enter image description here

Thank you.

Best Answer

For you SPI bus, remove the REPEAT(..) from each of the ports that you want shared. That will tie them all together.