Electronic – an FPGA


I've seen a lot of people talking about FPGA's before and I know that it stands for field-programmable gate array but how does it work and what is the purpose of using an FPGA?

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They are electronic components that add logic to your circuits (so they are similar to micro-controllers). But the design approach is then completely different than in the uC (micro controller). In a uC, you can't change the internal uC design; you can only run "classical" programs on it. Programing FPGAs is more like creating new hardware. You create new connections between logical gates and create a new, specialized processor. And you can do it all in your home, on your desk and your PC.

Sounds cool? Yes, but there are some disadvantages. For example, price (but I think it's hard to compare it), higher power consumption, and lower clock speeds (but you can design your application in a smart way, and do more operations in one clock cycle).

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Example usage: http://nsa.unaligned.org/