Electronic – Angles and measurement – PCB design help


I have started doing PCB design from last month and very new to this. I have done tiny bits on eagle cad and Altium cad but still learning things everyday. Now I got a challenging board to do. Though board is not complex but the measurements and angles has to be exact and not sure how to approach it.

Please see the pic which got spiral pads. All are circular and has to be with correct measurements as mentioned on it. Also let me know which tool is best for doing these type of custom stuff.

Hope some of you guys have experience here and might help me with good advice

Best Answer

I use Eagle. When I need to do things like this I write a program that generates a script. The program does the sines, cosines, and other math to determine the coordinates, then writes those into the script.

This comes up often enough that I've created a generic host program module that has subroutines for writing coordinates in Eagle format, for writing whole WIRE commands, it's own 2D transforms, etc. This kind of thing is really not hard to do.

Keep in mind that efficiency of the program is no issue. No matter what, it will complete instantaneously in human time. Write it for clarity and the ability to make changes to it.

Often what you think you want at first will be a little different from what you actually want after looking at results, running DRC checks, and the like. Having a program that writes a script allows you to easily delete the whole mess on the board, re-run the program, and re-run the script to try something a little different. It will also be useful for the next rev of the board. If you did it all manually and things need to be a little different next rev, you have a lot of work to do it over.