Electronic – arduino – a good communicaton device among teensy and arduino besides “XBees”


I have been using XBees to communicate my teensies so far.
However, as you know, XBees are really expensive and when I want multiple devices to communicate with each other, I have to pay for several teensies + several XBees, which
come up to be more than 200 dollars.

Also, An XBee is for between two designated teensies. I want all of my teensies to communicate with each other

  1. Is there any communication device out there that I can hook up to multiple teensies or arduinos at once without buy as much XBees?

  2. Or what is a communication device that lets everything within the range to communicate with each other?

  3. Or any other way to let them communicate without using individual teensies?

If you can answer any of them, please help me out!!

Best Answer

What about using 'dumb' rf transceivers and building a protocol on that?

RFM12Bs or even something cheaper.