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I'm planning a project with an Arduino that involves handling a lot of requests from a host computer, and the standard 115200 maximum baud over serial isn't sufficient. I'd like to be able to get 1Mbps full duplex if possible, but 400Kbps+ full duplex would be acceptable. I'm using an Arduino Due, so it should be able to handle significantly higher communications speeds.

Is there a way to significantly increase the baud rate over serial, or is there a second option I can go for in terms of interfacing with a computer at higher speeds?

Best Answer

It's definitely possible to get up in the Mbps range with an Arduino, especially with your Due. The serial monitor only supports bauds up to 115200, but you can use a separate terminal window which allows you to set your baud to anything you like.

For a little more information, see This Thread on the Arduino forum.

In terms of setup, on the Arduino it's as easy as Serial.begin(1000000); or to that extent. It's all about the setup of the device that you want to communicate with, and what it can handle.