Electronic – arduino – MIP2M4 mosfet, Arduino Uno and a 12v PWM PC fan


First, I'm am new to using transistors and MOSFETs in electronics circuits.

I have extremely basic notions of electronics, and am able to setup and use "of the shelf" boards and Arduino modules, and I do know how basic electronic components work.

Now I'm trying to do the jump to start creating a bit more advanced projects, and I'm struggling to do a simple project with recycled components from some PCBs that I recycled with the help of a heat gun.

I have some PWM fans that I can control using the Arduino, but I would like to shut them down completely, which does not happen without a "switch".

Since I don't have a relay at hand, but I have some NPN and PNP transistors, photocouplers and MOSFETs, I wanted to try to do something with them.

I have this compact MIP2M4 MOSFET that supports the load that I'm going to use of 1A, since it's two 12v 0.5A fans.

I don't want the MOSFET to control the speed of the fans, I just want it to power them off when I send a "0" value PWM signal from the Arduino to the fans, and to turn them on when I send a higher PWM value to the fans.

Can someone help me understand how can I wire the MIP2M4 with the Arduino and the fans to achieve this? I tried it with a NPN C2655, but since it got only a 5v signal on the base, it only outputs 4.83v and the fan runs really slow…

MIP2M4 DS https://industrial.panasonic.com/content/data/SC/ds/ds4/MIP2M40MT_E.pdf

Thank you in advance!


Best Answer

After digging some more, it seems that this MOSFET is designed to be used with AC current, so I'll just do this with some IRL540's or similar.