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I believe that the answer is no, but I wanted to check before I put effort into rectifying it (and no, no promises!)

Is there anything like Scratch that one can use to program an Arduino?

(Scratch is a graphical coding environment that makes learning to program fun, and is certainly suitable for elementary students. It is put out by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT).

Best Answer

It's in the works. A friend of mine, Ed Baafi, is working on a Scratch-like interface for Arduino. I believe he may be presenting something in Cambridge (MA) at the science festival this April.

Using a python shell script we (by we I mean Ed) were able to interface one of my USB+XBee interfaces with the my ZB1 (arduino compatible board + XBee). Text typed into an entry box was displayed on an LCD.

His site is http://www.modk.it