Electronic – arduino – Voltage drop @24V2A using a MOSFET with Arduino


I'm not really good with electronics but i'm really trying to learn as much as i can, so please have mercy on my question 🙂

So, i have an Arduino Uno, a 24V 150W power supply, a 24V 48W LED strip and an IRL540N (Datasheet) mosfet.

The goal
The idea is to turn on/off the LED strip using Arduino PWM.
So far i have achieved that (schematic below), however i have an issue.

The issue
I have partically achieved my goal, however i get voltage drop of 3.4V after the mosfert, which i dont understand. I assume that's not normal, but i cant figure out why it's occuring ?

What i've learned about the issue on my own
I've been reading a lot and i've stumbled upon posts for similar usage, where it has been explained that this is a high side usage for a mosfet and needs a P channel mosfet, however i still cant figure out why.
Can someone please explain why do i have that voltage drop and what am i missing ?

I have 5v at the gate, and i am within the voltage and current limits supported by the mosfet. Running the gate @5V runs the LED strip @20.5V at 2A and the fet doesnt even get hot, so everything except the voltage is great and as per my needs.

enter image description here

Best Answer

you are giving the mosfet a pwm and measuring dc voltage, you are actually measuring an average value according to duty cycle. connect the gate to 5v dc and measure a gain. if you are giving 100% duty cycle to the mosfet and the drop still exists, this may be because the mosfet is not fully turned on.