Electronic – arduino – Will the circuit charge the battery and power Arduino


I am currently attending High School, so I don't expect too much here. I simply want to know all the recommendations for this circuit (Capacitor values, etc).

But I mainly want to know if this circuit will take 120V AC and charge a battery in parallel with the load which will be a future bare-bone Arduino circuit.

NOTE: Bridge Rectifier Will Be A NTE5326.

Circuit Image:

Data Sheets:

Best Answer

No, the maximum voltage of the LM2576 is 45V. There are also a few other problems with the schematic above:
- You need to have an isolation transformer on AC mains for safety purposes
- AC mains can have spikes over 400V, from lightning or other devices. You need protection from these spikes.
- AC mains should be fused, so in the event of a fault, it becomes disconnected.
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A circuit like this with a transformer would be better, instead of a 7805, put your DC to DC there. Use a step down transformer to get the voltage to the recommended voltage of the DC to DC converter.

enter image description here Source: https://www.elprocus.com/steps-to-convert-the-230v-ac-to-5v-dc/